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Turn Your Prospects Into Happy Customers for Life.

Using the right inbound strategy and digital marketing tactics and the robust HubSpot CRM.

Since 2014, we've been on a mission to help businesses grow. Today, we help marketing, sales and operations professionals in B2B consulting firms implement digital marketing solutions and Inbound principles with the right strategy, process, systems and roles to generate and manage more leads, turning them into lifetime clients.

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We're your trusted parter for all your digital marketing and HubSpot needs.

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Our Thinking

We help you combine digital marketing tactics with the right strategy, processes, systems and roles to grow your business.

  • The Right Strategy

    Objectives. Plan. Do. Measure. Learn. Repeat.

  • The Right Process

    Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. 

  • The Right Systems

    Selection. Log in. Do. Automate. Done. Published.

  • The Right Roles

    Who is doing what? Why and how.


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Build customer relationships with Inbound strategy

How you attract, engage, convert, and delight your customer, in a truly customer-centric way, is a full 360-degree ask. 


Prospective Clients

Your prospective customers are those people who have the need that you provide the solution to. Each is at a different 'stage' in their buying journey to finding you. It all starts with them becoming AWARE of their pain and challenges. They then start looking for solutions to that problem...will they find you?


Client Leads

When they do find you, it's about how you engage with them and how you manage the process of turning those leads into customers. This means moving them from a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) to a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) and ultimately a customer.


Existing Clients 

It's about closing more deals, And it's about the quality of the relationships you have with your current clients. Delight them with great service, deliver with excellence and be there when they need you next. This too requires the right approach and some critical keys to success.


Optimise with the right tools

The right tools makes it so much easier to sustainably implement and measure success.


As your business approaches marketing, sales, and operations with the intention of streamlining the way you operate. Efficiencies, alignment and integration become critical. 

While it is possible to perform these functions on separate systems, the less integrated systems are, the more challenges are faced when trying to align ad deliver.

Our goal is to help your business operate smoothly at their best and this is why we use a robust CRM platform like HubSpot.

A solution for every aspect of your business.

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🥼 White Lable HubSpot Support

Working on a project and need some extra HubSpot muscle on your team? Speak to us about our white label support, it's just like having another teammate in your company when you need them.

Why Choose us?

Here are some of the common questions we get asked and if yourquestion is not answered, then let's have a zoom coffee. 

  • Flexible Solutions

    Your business is unique and we know that, and that's why our solutions are tailored to your needs.

  • Training

    When you work with us you learn from us so that you can use the solutions we build for you.

  • HubSpot Certified

    We're all about business growth and know that it comes from personal growth so we are constantly staying ahead

  • We've Got Experience

    We've worked with big brands in various ways on different digital projects. 

See what people are saying...

"I was fortunate to work with Dean on a number of projects and enjoyed my interaction with Dean, as a professional who delivered. I'd recommend Dean and wish him well with his new venture." ~ LinkedIn Recommendation

Nick Winstone

Chief Executive Officer at Bothongo Hygiene Solutions, UK

"I am so grateful to have Digital Compass assist me with my company's marketing. Dean took a genuine interest in my business and has given me continues support and professional advice that has been invaluable to the growth of my business." ~ Google Reviews

Graham Young

Founder & CEO at Smart Power Tech, SA

"Dean Hummel has excellent insight into business branding and the many many nuances of a company's identity. He provided me with invaluable feedback and insight when I first started out my online store and helped me to truly define what my brand would be and how I would communicate my value proposal to my prospective customers. As a strategy consultant he proved more than competent and helped me conceptualise successful campaigns. Dean is a driven marketer that wouldn't stop at mediocre and a great communicator. It's a pleasure to work with him." ~ Google Review


Founder at Audiohead, SA

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5-Star Reviews on Google

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Brands delivered to

We've worked in business for over 10 years and have delivered great work to a number of big businesses.

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Your guide for navigating the digital marketing landscape.

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Meet the Founder


Welcome to Digital Compass, I'm the Founder, Dean. 

Thank you for stopping by, it’s great to have you. Let me introduce myself.

My vision is to build businesses that are good for the people that work there, and for the people they serve.

I'm an experienced digital marketing and Inbound specialist with over 10 years experience helping businesses get their marketing right. While that is a big focus of mine, I am also a passionate entrepreneur investing myself in adding value to other areas of the business I help. Some of the businesses I've helped in the past include Vodacom, Discovery, ABSA, Transcend, and many more.

And this is why I started Digital Compass, I want to reach more people and help more businesses.

Dean Hummel

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